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The development history of high pressure common rail products and high pressure common rail for four


High pressure common rail system is the nineties of the 20th century started development of a new generation of diesel engine fuel injection system, because of its obvious technical advantages, quickly replaced the inline pump and electric monomer pump, electric control of VE distribution pump, Cummings pressure injection system caps and other traditional diesel electronic control fuel injection system, become a mainstream technology route of the fuel system of diesel engine.

High pressure common rail technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich (abbreviated as ETH), according to the Wikipedia web site. In 1960s, Huber Robert, a professor of the Institute, successfully developed the prototype of the diesel engine electronically controlled common rail system. In 1983, Marco Ganser at the ETH to "electronically controlled accumulator injection system for passenger car diesel Engines: theoretical and experimental studies for the subject received a doctor of engineering degree. This is in the world, the first generation of high-pressure common rail technology research papers.

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